the only answer

November 6, 2011 § 2 Comments

A seemingly ordinary trip to the local grocery store proved to be an enlightening experience.

In the busy aisle an aproned clerk asks: “do you have any questions?”
I respond: “I don’t think so, do you have answers?”
Clerk: “the only answer is in you. if only people knew to stop looking outside for what they seek. really the only answer is already in you.”
Me: “thank you, I’ve truly found everything I need today.”

It was amazing to me how such a simple interaction could be so profound. Somehow his words, words I’d heard spiritual teachers say, had an energetic quality that stopped me in my tracks and spoke directly to my spirit. Over the years I’d pondered Jesus’ teaching that the kingdom of God is within us. Studying this teaching, gave me a decent intellectual grasp of its meaning but it had never been driven straight to my heart in this way before. Today, I understand it in a whole new way and am forever grateful to the aproned angel for shining a light on the only answer.


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