Lighten Up!

July 12, 2011 § 4 Comments

Why such a long face? No really why? Why do we walk around looking so weighed down all the time? Why do people find a chipper morning hello so alarming?

As I walked my dog this morning – an unsurpassably glorious summer morning – I pondered these questions. My smile and skippy step certainly stood out against my dreary neighbors. Seriously people, you are not that unhappy! Ok, maybe some of you are. Perhaps all the people on my block today really were on their way to a funeral…or worse their jobs (it is Monday after all.)Ā  Which, to me, is almost as sad as everyone having a funeral to attend. Death is inevitable and out of our hands, but our jobs and happiness are within our control.

If you find you are suffering from “case of the Mondays” (especially if it’s not even Monday) lighten up! If you don’t it could kill you!

A short list of cures:

  1. Play your favorite, up-beat tune on your drive to/from work.
  2. Roll your windows up and sing like no one can hear you!
  3. Listen to some comedy, I highly recommend Adam Carolla’s podcast.
  4. Laugh at a fellow carpooler’s nose pick (come on, there’s always one!)
  5. At work, take a giggle break (Lol cats are a sure thing, just don’t let the boss catch you)
  6. Take a breather, literally! Deep breathing has many benefits and will likely keep you off that Monday death-rate list.
  7. Do some social networking, the real kind! Get out of your desk and chat with a coworker, it can lighten your mood and even improve productivity. Just don’t chat up Negative Nancy.
  8. Eat something! A handful of nuts is a great energy and mood booster and apparently even chocolate is a good option.
  9. Go outside. A breath of fresh air will help clear your mind.
  10. Play. Some workplaces have wised up to the benefits of play and are building play areas for workers. If your work doesn’t provide one make your own fun.

Please add your favorite mood boosters in the comments!


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