Into the Unknown

June 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

When you are standing at the precipice of your awakening it feels a lot like standing on the edge of something mysterious, exciting, and TERRIFYING. You are looking straight into the unknown, a lot like facing death, I imagine. I suppose the death of your old self is as real as anything. I know that as I began my journey into the depths of my true self I encountered fear, trepidation, and the sudden need to run back to my old habits. Once the first steps were taken it was too late to turn around, I had already experienced the truth. And, although the journey was/is trying, it has all been worth it. Today I am grateful for those first steps – as frightening as they were – they have brought me here to new heights where opportunity, wonder, and synchronicity rule my day instead of anxiety and fear.

If you find yourself standing at the edge, rest on the faith that the unknown is more amazing than anything you’ve ever experienced. Once you dive in the rest is history. Unfamiliar surroundings will leave you reaching for old habits. You’ll want to crawl back to the water’s edge, where prison walls keep you cozy. Out here in the expanse you won’t trust yourself to survive. You’ll feel the need to reach for your anxieties, your lists, and your step-by-step guides. You’ll yearn for a blanket of fear to paralyze you, to keep you from diving any deeper. Out here you are naked. Grasping. Gasping. There is nothing to hold on to.

let go and know that it is possible for old habits to disappear, let the darkness swallow them up so that by daybreak you will be new.

Be vulnerable. Be malleable. Be available. Be renewed. Like clay on a potter’s wheel, let your new form take shape.

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” – Lao Tzu


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