Keep it Clean

June 27, 2011 § 3 Comments

Do you have visions of hope only to be discouraged by a nagging sense that the world is too messed up for fixing? Well, there is hope if we can quiet that nagging voice of negativity. When we keep our minds clear and focus more on all that is beautiful the world becomes a harmoniously hopeful place.  But aren’t there terrible atrocities happening everyday? Wars? Crimes? Acts of Violence? Yes, but what has thinking about those things ever done to end them? Try this experiment, close your eyes and think about your favorite world problem. Really pay attention to how it makes you feel. What happens to your body? Is it relaxed? Tense? Does thinking about it make you feel safe? or scared? When you think about these kinds of global issues, do you feel empowered to do something? or do you feel hopeless? Most of us feel hopeless because these problems cannot be solved by any one of us, and worrying about it does nothing more than stress us out. A world full of stressed-out hopeless people is not an approach to a solution, it only exasperates the problem.


Keep it clean! (Your mind that is.) 
Stop letting all that negativity in and positivity will fill the void. How do you stop bringing in the garbage? KILL YOUR TV! Especially quit the news. With all that information and misinformation streaming constantly into your home and mind negative thought patterns are bound to take hold. Think about this for a minute, if an alien visited our planet and watched five minutes of American news he would think that the whole world is at war, on fire, being sucked up in a tornado, impoverished, hungry, sick, sad, …and publicly displaying their wieners (sorry, I had to!). If this extraterrestrial visitor is any kind of intelligent he would get back in his ship and fly to the other end of the Milky Way. You and I don’t have the option of interstellar travel but we do have the choice to pull the plug on mass media. Mass media is unnecessarily fueling fear and creating a sense of hopelessness where it doesn’t need to be. If it’s not the news you’re watching, you’re still being fed a false sense of scarcity, insecurity, and wanting.

Without these messages from mass media you can start focusing on your own beautiful reality. Imagine for a minute that same alien had the experience of living your life for a day without the influence of the media. Let’s imagine the alien wakes up in your cushy, warm, safe bed to the smell of coffee magically brewing itself. He opens the window and lets the fresh air and music of the morning in. Next he takes a luxurious bath with water that flows miraculously at a personalized temperature. Surely this alien would think he died and went to heaven. But think about it this is your reality! Sure, occasionally the hot water is broken but that’s minor compared to the gifts you receive each and every day. So kill your tv, cut off ties with mass media, and start seeing life for what it truly is – an endless stream of miracles.


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