a flourishing

June 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Are you aware of the fact that you are part of a great flourishing of consciousness right now? Are you, like me, watching in amazement? Do you feel the pull to something greater?

A few years ago if you had told me that all of human consciousness was evolving I might have argued otherwise. The economy was tanking, war was being waged out “there” and in my own neighborhood, people all around me were down and out and I felt I was soon going to be one of them. Then one day I was walking to my Koreatown apartment from the bus stop and something was different. Where I had seen garbage, gang graffiti, passed out homeless guys, and extreme poverty, I was now seeing beauty and interconnectedness — no, “seeing” isn’t even the right way to describe it, I FELT it, felt it in every molecule of my being.

I had been walking as, I always did, with my head down and forward in determination to get home to my sanctuary. A blooming tree caught my attention, I smiled at it and slowed my step. I had been reading Eckhart Tolle and thought this would be a good opportunity to to practice being present, a deep breath ought to do it. Suddenly with one deep inhalation the whole world slowed, the sun at my back turned to pure love, the breeze across my skin now penetrated my very being, and at that moment the universe and I were one. The weight I had walked with was lifted. No one was homeless because we all were. No one was rich because we all were. There was no separateness between a clean wall and a tagged wall. No separateness between the children and the elderly. I walked slowly and saw everything as one.

The moment itself passed but it became a part of my new consciousness, as if my brain was rewired to see differently. It was a moment of profound peace that changed me. It became a part of me but there was still a LOT of rewiring that needed/needs to be done. In that moment the seed was planted, but the soil still needed to be softened. This softening has not always been easy, having your thoughts and beliefs challenged and flipped on their heads can be a painful, but worthwhile, process. Now I am in the process of nourishing a delicate seed so that it may flourish.

This is a blog about that flourishing. My hope is that by sharing my own journey other people will be empowered to share theirs and we will begin to see that the entire collective is flourishing.

If you are like me a few years ago you might have an argument to the contrary. I understand, but I urge you to lift your head on your next walk and let a blooming tree greet you. It might change your life.




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